Chris Brown dressed as a terrorist for his Halloween costume 2012
Chris Brown has taken out the most offensive celebrity Halloween costume of 2012, dressing as what some media outlets are describing as a "terrorist". He posted this photo to Twitter with the caption "Ain't nobody F--king with my clique!!!! #ohb."

Chris Brown (centre) in costume with his 'clique'. Photo: Twitter GALLERY: Celebrity Halloween costumes of 2012

The "Beautiful People" singer tweeted a photo of himself (and his gun-toting "clique") dressed in what The Examiner are likening to a "stereotypical image of Osama Bin Laden or a terrorist." He accompanied the photo with the caption: "Ain't nobody F--king with my clique!!!! #ohb."

Several of Brown's friends in the photo are brandishing weapons, while Brown himself holds what appears to be a replica rifle above his head.

Reactions to Brown's choice of Halloween outfit on Twitter have varied, with most leaning towards outrage. One user tweeted: "Running out of reasons to hate Chris Brown? This will help."

Another user tweeted "just when you thought Chris Brown couldn't get any worse" while yet another wrote "Just imagine if domestic abuser @chrisbrown dressed as a Jewish stereotype for Halloween. But this is OK."

Brown responded to the criticism with a follow up tweet, writing: "It's Halloween! Have Fun. And if someone says something u don't like just think of it as a Fart! #sh-t [sic]."

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