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We may have just cried into our coffees a little that Judge Judy -- real name Judith Sheindlin -- looks so amazing at 70 in a white bikini.

Judge Judy on "Katie" with Katie Couric, showing off her celebratory 70th birthday bikini. Credit: Disney-ABC via Getty Images
The TV judge, who has the courtroom show "Judge Judy," was appearing on Katie Couric's talk show in the US, when the subject of her 70th birthday came up. And just how does one celebrate the big 7-0 if you're trim, taut and terrific? By donning a white bikini (and white lacy robe) to take a photo while on the back deck of your sizeable yacht.
Judge Judy in action in the courtroom. Credit: Getty Images
The star told Katie that she was on holiday in the Bahamas with her husband and five of her seven children, and it was something she'd always said she'd do. Despite looking amazing (and let's admit it, she definitely does) Judge Judy admitted "it's probably the last time it will happen."

"Judge Judy" has been on air for 14 years, and will be on the air until at least 2015.

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