Edward Furlong Banned From Being Alone With 6 Year Old Son After Child Tests Positive For Cocaine
Edward Furlong Banned From Being Alone With 6 Year Old Son After 'Child Tests Positive For Cocaine'


In a shocking development, Edward Furlong - who shot to fame as a child in the 'Terminator' films - has been hit with a court order which prevents him from seeing his son Ethan without a chaperone.

According to sources at the Daily Mail, Furlong's ex-wife Rachael Bella obtained a court order forbidding the actor from solo parenting duties after their son tested positive for cocaine after spending time with his father. It's not clear how the little boy was exposed to the drug.

However, the actor has claimed that Rachael is lying to the courts in a bid to "alienate me further from my son and destroy my ability to work".

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The courts have, up until this point, chosen to disbelieve Furlong's version of events and have insisted he take a chaperone with him should he ever wish to spend time with his son.

The judge presiding in the case commented on Furlong's "poor physical appearance" in court.

Furlong was arrested in October following a very public incident of alleged domestic violence against his girlfriend at Los Angeles airport.

The troubled child star has a history of substance abuse that includes stints in rehab and hospitalisation for a suspected heroin overdose.

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