Watch Rihanna on the set of "We Found Love"

It's as though she's using all her time on the tour bus re-watching "Trainspotting", "Go", and "Requiem for a Dream" on a constant loop.

This "hopeless place" that Rihanna keeps singing about appears to be a rave, or the Electric Daisy Carnival, or some location where eyes dilate constantly, multi-coloured pills are consumed like Skittles, and cigarettes burn down into rainbow ashes.

Rihanna with the Chris Brown look-alike Dudley O'Shaughnessy in the video for "We Found Love". Credit: Universal Music Australia

Still, it works: The song is a perfect soundtrack for this moving portrait of Europe's MDMA culture, from the quick edits to the bleached-out film stock to screen projections Rihanna often sings in front of. The fun ends for one scene, though, when Rihanna and her drug buddy, played by someone who looks exactly like Chris Brown, are arguing in a car to the point where it looks like things are about to get physical.

That scene mirrors the real life incident where Brown assaulted Rihanna, and it's a creepy moment in the middle of the party.

Those bikes-and-fireworks scenes at the beginning of "We Found Love" are ripped from Richard Ayoade's remarkable film Submarine, and we only mention this because Rihanna, like Beyonce, has a reputation for stealing other people's art for her music videos.

Dudley O'Shaughnessy, Ri-Ri's co-star in "We Found Love". Credit: Universal Music Australia

In fact, RiRi's "S&M" video borrowed so much from the work of photographer David LaChapelle that he sued the singer for $1 million. So it's fitting that, on the day that "We Found Love" arrives, the BBC is reporting that Rihanna and LaChapelle have settled their lawsuit, and that the photographer is "happy" with the undisclosed sum.

Watch the full video for Rihanna's "We Found Love feat. Calvin Harris"

Daniel Kreps writes for Yahoo! Music

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