WATCH: Madonna's nipple slip
Last week Madonna, 53, hit the stage in Istanbul, Turkey, and flashed her right breast to a crowd of over 55,000 people.

The controversial mum of four was performing "Human Nature" when she began disrobing in a strip-tease style dance routine. After removing her shirt entirely she pulled down her bra-strap to give the audience a brief X-rated show.

Madge also created uproar last week when during a show in Tel Aviv a swastika appeared onscreen during her performance of 'Nobody Knows Me.'

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Madonna lets the nip slip during a show in Istanbul. Credit: YouTube

Entertainment critic Liz Jones of the Daily Mail says that now in her sixth generation Madonna probably feels the need to keep being outrageous to stay relevant, but all she is exposing is her desperation.

"She thinks she is being shocking when, in fact, she is being boring. We've seen it all before," writes Jones.

"Madonna is determined to convince us and herself that being in her sixth decade does not mean she is no longer a sexual, desirable being.

"Well, I’m sorry, love, but it does. It's over. The referee has blown his whistle and the chequered flag has come down."

Madonna during her stage show in Istanbul. Credit:

Here at Hype HQ, we have to say that while we think it's fabulous that Madonna is still very proud of her body, we too question why she feels the need to expose herself to create a news headline. Isn't she better than that?

Granted, we will always remember her as the strong, liberated Queen of Pop who said it was OK to embrace one's sexuality - heck this woman invented the nipple slip! - but we wouldn't mind seeing a new transformation for the luminary.

Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone, if you are reading this, transform yourself into the accomplished, mature legend of the music that is already inside you. And embrace your age. That would shock us most.

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