The 'Transformers' actor has let it all hang out, literally, in the name of art (and music), starring in a new video for Icelandic band Sigur Ros.

The video for 'Fjögur Píanó' (in which Shia goes naked) is from their new album 'Valtari', which was released earlier this month.

We've taken the liberty of giving you a video clip break down below (even though we're not sure it actually helps much in understanding the arty clip).

Shia LaBeouf (L) and Denna Thomsen in the music video for 'Fjogur Piano'. Credit: YouTube

warning: the following contains scenes of nudity. viewer discretion is advised. sigur ros mystery film experiment. no. 3 fjögur píanó by alma har'el

OUR INTERPRETATION: It's arty, and hopefully fits perfectly with the band's often whimsical and emotive sound. Cue peen and boob display.

Butterfly symbolism featured heavily here. Could mean long life, profound changes of the soul, resurrection or young love. Bruises also feature heavily.

Shia cleans dirt off his female companion's breast. Also notices tally like scars on her back. Shia wells up.

First full naked shot of both Shia and aforementioned female companion. Both appear vulnerable in their birthday suits.

The pair dress -- Shia dons lady's stockings and a pink fluffy vest, female companion puts on black pants and white t-shirt. Cue contemporary dance sequence from different angles of what appears to be their bedroom. Movements involve jumping on each other and waving limbs like a ballerina that "just don't care".

Still dancing. Introduction of what appears to be the 'I got my nose' dance move.

Two long-haired Icelandic-looking men baring lollipops enter. Shia and female companion lick these lollipops like their lives depended on it while the Icelandic long-haired men blindfold them. They are blown outside, through a garden and into a vintage-looking red car in an underground garage by the long-haired Icelandic men.

The car appears to be a magical transportation device, linked to the screen at the right of the garage. First up, an under-water journey featuring an octopus. The car disappears into chairs then reappears. Cue confusing sequence flipping between car, water and chairs. The two long-haired Icelandic gents get carried away, almost literally. Navy hatted long-haired Icelandic man breaks bottle over fellow long-haired Icelandic man's head.

Still flipping between the car, underwater in the car and the chairs, all start to have fits.

Shia and female companion are un-blindfolded, and left to wander through a butterfly museum-y room.

The big reveal. It appears to be the bedroom where Shia and female companion started. Gymnastics ensues from female companion using the upper rail of the canopy bed. Shia is welling up. Again.

Notice that they are wearing what the other person put on in the earlier scene (minus the pink fluffy vest). Pretty sure that will pop up soon.

Shia takes his shirt off to sit on a chair and watch more bendy canopy bed rail gymnastics. Female companion has long legs and good leg extensions with nice pointed toes.

Shia draws on topless female companion in thick black marker. Appears to be a face using nipples for eyes and a smile over her belly button. Genius.

Intense sequence begins between the drawing (now on paper, how did that happen?) and female companion holding framed butterfly. Appears to be an argument. Flicks between Shia in a corner wearing a female silk dressing gown crying and laughing, and the pair engaging in a screaming match (maybe) that leads Shia to put his hand through a butterfly in a glass frame. Ouch.

Female companion disappears, Shia looks for her. Perhaps he should check under the bed? A porcelain horse figurine descends through water.

Shia begins to trash said bedroom.

Female companion re-appears. Slaps Shia (NB violence against men is certainly not encouraged or supported).

Shia takes flying slo-mo leap onto bed. Becomes a photo which burns into the next frame. Oooh, artistic. Shia carves another strike into female companion's back and apologises. Ouch. (NB violence against women is also certainly not encouraged or supported).

Long-haired Icelandic men reappear wearing ponytails while Shia and female companion sleep. Sneaky. They sweep up and restore order to the bedroom.

Cue "female awakes with a gasp" sequence from first 30 seconds of video. This feels like ground hog day.

Yup. It's ground hog day.

Not much other than Alma Har'el, who wrote and directed the piece in collaboration with Shia LaBeouf, has a warped sense of imagination. That means Shia probably does too. We're left overwhelmed by all the symbolism. Shall continue to ponder this video for days to come.

Want to watch the full video for 'Fjögur Píanó'? You can find it here. (Given the full frontal nudity we couldn't show it on our site.)

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