The video, which involves bikini-clad women in a pool gyrating their bottoms in this child's face to the lyrics "I can make your booty pop", has received an age restriction on YouTube due to the content being deemed inappropriate for younger viewers.

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Not only has the 'Booty Pop' video received an age-restriction, but it has also sent shockwaves across the internet, creating outrage among viewers -- especially those with children.

A still from the 'Booty Pop' video featuring Albert Roundtree Jr. squirting water over a woman in a bikini. Credit: YouTube
In one instance, Vibe magazine posted a blog about the video, likening it to 'abuse'. Comments on the video itself share a similar outrage, with one user posting: "This is just´╗┐ so wrong. It makes me sad that a child has lost his innocence... does he even know what he is referring too? Our kids should be allowed to be kids." A majority of viewers of the video appear to agree with the outrage, with the video receiving over 2,400 dislikes against it.

The jury is out as to what the adults appearing in this video were thinking, especially when Albert has to stay in the shallow end of the pool.

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