Thankfully this isn't any old bra that you'd find in your lingerie drawer; the money men were in fact referring to Katy Perry's rotating bra that she wore on stage during her California Dreams tour (you can see it in the above video at the 15 second mark).


They were worried her wig would get caught in the spinning discs and cause strain, if not an injury to her neck. And they're not without cause, this has happened before in the red and white dress Katy wears as she opens her concerts in her movie, 'Katy Perry: Part of Me'.

True to form, the star had a fun take on events telling The Sun: "My hair got caught in the wheels of my spinning peppermint bra and began to coil around and around.

"I'm forced to just go with it so, by the end of the song, it looked quite like I was licking my own t**. What a girl does for her art."

Katy's penchant for quirky chest accessories extended to the Los Angeles premiere of her film, where she wore a film reel bra with candy-wrapper shorts. Credit: Getty Images
While we love Katy's say-it-how-it-is attitude, she has had to redesign this iconic outfit, saying: "I seriously doubt it could be lethal but they want a new bra designed that will not allow hair to be caught up."

Not that a new outfit will put a dent in her fortune, especially as the star has seen a sales boost in her music of 451 per cent in recent weeks.

Following the release of her movie, Katy's 2010 album 'Teenage Dream', which had five number one singles, is now sitting at number two in the US Billboard chart. And not just that, it sold just shy of 80,000 copies in the week after her film was released.

Now that's a California Dream come true!

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