Jackson kids to get two guardians
Jackson kids to get two guardians

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Katherine Jackson today won back guardianship of her pop star son's three children but will share the role with her grandson, in a sign the family is trying to put a bitter internal dispute behind it.

Los Angeles Superior Court judge Mitchell Beckloff reinstated the Jackson family matriarch at a hearing in which he also gave preliminary approval to a proposed shared guardianship arrangement with TJ Jackson, the son of Michael Jackson's brother Tito.

TJ Jackson was made temporary guardian of Prince, 15, Paris, 14 and Blanket, 10, last week. The move came as Katherine Jackson took an extended absence from the family home in the midst of a power struggle over the late singer's multi-million dollar estate.

Katherine returned to the family compound near Los Angeles late last week after publicly denying rumours she had been kidnapped by some of her adult children.

Beckloff will hold a further hearing on August 22 to consider making the shared guardianship arrangement permanent. He said a court-appointed investigator reported that Katherine has been doing a "wonderful job" and that the children also have a close relationship with their cousin TJ Jackson.

Singer Jermaine Jackson has called for an end to the dispute over the validity of his brother's will that left control of the pop star's estate in the hands of two non-family executors and appointed Katherine guardian of the children.

In a statement on Twitter on Wednesday, Jermaine Jackson said he was withdrawing his name from an accusatory letter sent by four of his siblings to the executors, and appealed for unity among the large Jackson clan.

"It is time for us all to draw a line in the sand and move towards peace, co-operation, love and healing. I truly hope we can find it in our hearts to do so," Jermaine wrote.

Michael Jackson died in June 2009 at age 50 from an overdose of the surgical anaesthetic propofol. His personal physician is serving four years imprisonment for administering the dose as a sleep aid.


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