As Gaga (real name Stephanie Joanne Germanotta) was crossing the lobby of her hotel to greet waiting fans and paparazzi, one frenzied man-fan beat the crowd by taking the revolving door of the lobby. (Editor's note: who knew one of those things would one day be faster than a sliding door?)

The over-enthusiastic man ran toward Gaga with pen and paper outstretched -- presumably hoping for an autograph and perhaps a hug -- before one of the quirky pop star's burly bodyguards laid the smack down on the fan, pushing him into the revolving door.

Gaga was momentarily startled by the attack, but was quickly ushered by her remaining body guard through another door to greet the waiting Little Monsters (aka Gaga fans) and photographers outside.

Word has it the autograph seeker was shaken up but not seriously injured.

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