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The singer, who is no stranger to posting saucy pictures on the site, tweeted the photo during a night out at a strip club. Talk about being a 'Good Girl Gone Bad'.

Credit: Rihanna/Twitter
The picture in question sees a topless lap dancer holding her breasts while her head rests in between the singer's thighs.

And Rihanna seemed to be more than impressed with the dancers work from the looks of the dollar bills being thrown onto her body.

Rihanna wrote alongside the photo: 'Bands ah make her dance'.

Rihanna's new tattoo. Credit: Rihanna/Twitter
The 'Umbrella' singer recently posted a similar picture of herself to show off her new tattoo (above).

The singer posed topless in order to reveal the tattoo, which was in memory of her late Grandma, which had been inked just below her chest.

Rihanna also posted a second picture that same evening from what looked to be the toilets of the strip club.

Unlike the lap dancer, the only flesh Rihanna decided to expose in the snap was her legs.

Rihanna tweeted the caption "#socklife @mforde11 n the rear ground (sic)". Credit: Rihanna/Twitter
The singer dressed down wearing a black trilby, baggy camouflage hoodie, shorts and a pair of converse.

It has been rumored that Rihanna will be featuring on Ke$ha's latest single 'Die Young'.

Speculation grew after the 'Tik Tok' singer recently posted a picture of a woman holding up the letter R, resembling Rihanna's trademark.

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