Pop star Rihanna is currently hosting 150 journalists and fans on her "777 Tour". The tour takes in seven shows in seven days in seven different countries to celebrate the release of her seventh album in seven years.

After getting off to a party-tastic champagne-fuelled start (poured by none-other than the pop princess herself Ri-Ri) on day one, the tour quickly spiralled down hill from there.

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A good idea in the making (one anonymous writer for Gawker admitted to "idly entertain[ing] thoughts of Rihanna and me, walking arm and arm into one of those cheap nail salons"), this trip has rapidly turned into the trip from hell for a lot of the passengers on board.

Complaints of extended wait times getting on and off the plane, travelling to and from the airport taking longer and longer, and three hour delays before seeing Rihanna perform have plagued the "celebratory" tour.

Tim Dormer (R) with fellow journalist on the 777 plane Necole Bitchie. Credit: Tim Dormer/Twitter
Despite the bad press (and we have to say -- what can you expect asking journos and fans to keep to a tour schedule that is unrealistic even for a global pop phenomenon), one Aussie was there to brighten the day. Enter Tim Dormer, a local radio host for Nova.

On the 777 Tour as part of the press contingent, as the tensions escalated among his fellow journalists, Dormer decided to take matters into his own hands and provide the on-board entertainment that Rihanna apparently was not.

"I was just in the bathroom and was like, 'Hell, it's 3 a.m. and we're on an airplane, and have been flying for ages," told Yahoo! Music, adding "Plus, I have a massive crush on Sydney, one of the air hostesses."

Rihanna on stage in London. Credit: Getty Images
Despite the headlines Dormer created for all his fellow press (many of whom were reportedly complaining about the lack of story headlines and contact with Rihanna herself), he was careful not to invade the pop star's space for fear of her bodyguards.

"I thought about doing it the long way and going all the way down to the first class section, but thought, 'Her security is going to take me out, and it's going to get ugly,'" Dormer said.

It certainly seems like even if Rihanna isn't coming up with the goods, one Aussie is not shy of taking one for the team.

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