Britney Spears unveiled the new video for her collaboration with, "Scream And Shout" overnight -- and there's just one thing about it that can top her revealing black leather outfits in the clip. Spears, a Louisiana native, adopts an inexplicable British accent throughout.

This isn't the first time she's tried her, er, tongue at sounding English -- she was caught on camera back in her lesser-stable period of 2008 doing the same thing while shopping at a local mall. At any rate, it's not a very well-executed attempt, and it's not quite clear why allowed it (it is, officially, his song, not hers).

What's better than one Britney? Five of them! Credit: Britney Spears/Facebook
Fans on Twitter and Facebook seemed perplexed by the accent as well, calling it "irritating" and "weird." One fan noted, "Britney used to be awesome, but now she talks fake."

Spears also gets a bit salty by repeatedly referring to herself as "Britney Bitch," the catchphrase she made famous in 2007's "Gimme More." Just in case you didn't happen hear her say it -- is painted on the wall for clarification at one point during the clip. Got it!

She also does very little dancing in the video, choosing instead to mostly preen and posture throughout, which fans picked up on as well. "Britney without dance is not real Britney," one lamented on Facebook.

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Aside from these quirks, Spears's admirers will no doubt appreciate her body-conscious, sexy costumes in the video, including a daring and very revealing fluffy bustier. Her accent may be terrible, but her physique is looking undeniably good. Additionally, she shows off retro '60s-style hair and makeup, which created an arresting look to complement the stark, modernist vibe of the clip.

Overall? We'd say the X Factor judge is looking to be in a much, much healthier place than she was the last time she tried to sound all cockney. So she gets a pass in our book. What do you think?

Wendy Geller writes for Yahoo! Music

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