The Logitech UE9000s. Source: Logitech

Having road tested this product for a week I can safely they are the most technologically advanced bit of whiz-bang gadgetry my head has ever had the pleasure of wearing. And quite frankly they were so versatile I really didn't ever want to take them off. Like a kid who gets a superman costume for Christmas I even wanted to wear them to bed.

And so for a week, listening to music sitting at my desk, riding the bus, in the gym, watching movies, they became my constant companion. I'd never had a set of headphones that were so good at so many things with so little effort.

Within moments of getting them out of the box I had already wirelessly paired them via bluetooth with my Macbook and my Samsung S3 phone. It wasn't until the next day that I discovered by chance (I really should have got to the manual sooner) that they even have a microphone built in so you can take phone calls then they're paired with your phone and happily chat away (or Skype or anything else for that matter).

At home I could watch all my favourite romping stomping action films without fear of driving the neighbours mad with my bass rattling their window panes. And it wasn't just that the movie-watching experience was comparable, it was actually better. I could hear things in movie sound tracks that I hadn't heard before - happily ensconced in my very own headphone heaven.

The UE9000s and their little sibling the UE900s

With the headphones having coccooned me in a wireless paradise on my daily commute, their benefits when traveling further afield also become clear. Pairing them with an ipad or other media device would be perfect for long plane journeys. The active noise canceling filters might be invisible but they are a big part of what makes these headphones such an immersive experience. I am actually thinking of booking a holiday to Europe just so I can spend 20 uninterrupted hours with the UE 9000s....

Even when they were switched off they looked cool, thanks to the rugged brushed metal, high quality rubbers and gloss finishes used in their manufacture they really do look a million bucks. This is design at its best, simple, modern and stylish. They also have the benefit of being able to fold more or less flat so if you ever want to take them off (you won't) they can easily be transported in their accompanying case.

Fear not, for anything that you own that hasn't yet grown bluetooth capabilities there is a conventional cable that works just as well. The manufacturer promises 10 hours of wireless listening time, and when you've worn that out can easily be charged via a USB cable.

The headphones retail for $499.99, but you get what you pay for and these headphones can't help but delight and thrill audiophiles and movie buffs.

So, without further ado, I bring you...the UE9000 recommended tracks.

People will look at you funny at the bus stop, but I deny you not to dance along to this instant classic as if you were hearing them live.

Robyn's songs are always so meticulously produced, so it makes sense to want to hear every last ravishing synthy nuance.

3 "SHAKE IT OUT" - Florence and the Machine
Florence's anthemic power ballad is so rich with organs, crashing symbols and synths that you'll fell like you're hearing it for the first time.

4. "The Dark Knight" - Hospital Explosion Scene
Ok, ok not technically a song, but watching this with the UE9000s on blew my mind.

5. "BORN TO RUN" - One of the all-time classics of 'gun-the-engine rock & roll'.

We roadtested the Logitech UE 900 earphones courtesy of Logitech. For more info and stockists head over to

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