Once upon a time there was a man named Elvis Presley. He was a singer and actor, commonly referred to as The King, who revolutionised pop music (and old school Rock and Roll) as we know it. In short, he was a cultural icon (and that really is cutting it short).

One may compare boy band One Direction -- with its really, really, ridiculously good-looking heartthrob members Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinso -- as a modern pop cultural equivalent. But then again, one may just say they borrowed a whole lot of Elvis's moves and palmed them to a new generation who has little idea from whence they originally came.

One Direction (top) with "Kiss You" and Elvis (bottom) with "Jailhouse Rock".
The new video for the boy band features loads of green screen work which largely reference Elvis's film "Blue Hawaii" (1961) as well as his iconic song "Jail House Rock". Direct references include the boys riding on Malibu surfboards and well as Louis and Niall driving a classic red sports car, dancing in a jail house in classic denim clad attire.
Niall Horan in One Direction's "Kiss You" video (L) and Elvis in "Blue Hawaii".
Other scenes of frivolous boy band fun include matching ski outfits (think bad knit sweaters and beanies) and sailor suits (with a potential nod to "Anchors Aweigh" with Frank Sinatra).

It has to be said, these boys are good at what they do. Like really good. Their goofy shenanigans and uber catchy tunes have seen them hit popularity levels unseen since the likes of The Beatles, and well, Elvis.

While the lads are clearly having a laugh, larking it up for their fans (including Harry Styles making a joke over revealing his four nipples), we can't help but wonder what the response would be from Elvis fans if they got modern social media down pat.

In other 1D news, Harry Styles and muso girlfriend Taylor Swift (who was branded the Yoko Ono of One Direction) may have split. The pair ran into some dramas on a New Year getaway in the Virgin Islands, with Taylor leaving solo on January 4, and Harry staying behind to continue partying. Reps have yet to comment on the rumour.

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