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Controversy is following the Biebs around like a bad smell at the moment.

First Justin was accused of cheating on ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, a paparazzo died while tailing his car, then he was busted smoking what was alleged to be marijuana (and was plagued by the "cutting for Bieber" trend. Now he's being accused of being a 'gym brat' -- this according to TMZ of course.

North Carolina radio host Colette Harrington took to Facebook overnight to air her displeasure at her alleged run in with the "Beauty and a Beat" singer which involved swearing and someone spitting in her water bottle.

Colette has alleged the incident went down in the gym at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina this week. The Biebs was staying at the hotel in town while on tour (he performed there on Tuesday) and came into the gym with a trainer and one other person.

Justin on stage for Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve. Credit: Getty Images
According to the radio host, when she approached Justin for a photo she was denied, and the taunts and spitting incident occurred following the rebuff. Colette apparently likes to count her reps out loud, and claims that she was told at the end of each set of reps to "Shut the f--k up" by Justin and his trainer.

On top of this, when her back was turned, Colette believes Justin or a member of his group spat blue gatorade into her water bottle, something she didn't notice until after she'd taken a sip (as she didn't look at the bottle when picking it up).

According to TMZ, Justin's reps responded to the claims, saying that Colette is wrong, and that Justin and his trainer were making snide comments to each other and that none of them were directed to Colette.

The upside to all this? Colette has said she'll be putting the bottle of spit-water up for auction in the hopes to raise enough money to upgrade the kitchen at the local Ronald McDonald House where she volunteers.

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