If Beyonce wanted to distract people from talking about her lip-syncing at the President's Inauguration last week using her Super Bowl halftime performance, then the girl has succeeded.

Beyonce left little to the imagination with her Super Bowl halftime dance moves and costume. Credit: Getty Images
See the uncensored photo of Beyonce's wardrobe malfunction

The pop star, 31, took to the stage during the halftime show with a full female band, dancers, projection screens and a risqué costume.

Smashing out -- literally -- on to the stage to begin with her hit "Love On Top", Beyonce busted out energetic moves worthy of a 1980s aerobic video, although 100 times sexier.

Her costume de jour started as a black python and iguana leotard -- by designer Rubin Singer -- with mini jacket with capped sleeves, layered mini skirt and a cleavage-baring slit down the front. After "Crazy In Love" the costume started to come off (as she segued to lesser known song "Never Let You Go") to reveal sheer black lace panels on her tummy, along with a teeny-weeny lace skirt at the back.

Only problem is, with all that gyration and -- ahem -- crotch thrusting (hey, she did it, we're just reporting it), something was bound to malfunction.

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And what malfunctioned exactly? Well you can imagine that with so much hip popping and rapid dance moves, her leotard kind of went into that lady place that leotards shouldn't really go. Not to mention that there was also almost a little too much boob revealed in a side shot.

On a side note, we did think her performance was fierce (would one expect anything less?), so much so that word has it that she left half the stadium in a black out. We can only say those digital screens take a lot of power to run, right?

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