We're just going to put it out there that the girl can move. Her hips. In super fast gyration along with lots of grinding and bumping action. Not that Beyonce's songs don't encourage that kind of dancing of course. Welcome to the 2013 Super Bowl halftime performance!

With dance moves that pretty much broke Twitter (yup, Beyonce's halftime performance sent the Twittersphere into temporary meltdown) and possibly sent the half the football stadium into darkness, Beyonce has proved that she's still the best female performer in the world.

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How do you make an entrance? With fireworks, smoke and one helluva silhouetted pose.

Bursting out onto the stage, Beyonce broke down her killer track "Love On Top," showing off her live vocals with her three hard core key changes up front before moving into a killer rendition of "Crazy In Love," including a sick female guitarist and crazy on stage graphics to (thigh-high) boot.

Want a big band style number, complete with horn section and a sick female bass guitarist? Well then "End Of Time" is just your cup of tea, with the strong drum beats thumping alongside the punchy horns.

It's about now that we should really mention the dancing. All those sick beats and rhythms? Well they're there mainly to service Beyonce's need for dancing. And to get you out of your seat (we'll admit there was plenty of toe-tapping and hip-shaking in this office from one writer). Bey would steal anyone's thunder if she should ever quit music to focus on dancing, so best she stick to killing it with both singing and dancing.

Now this bumping and grinding did lead to an apparent wardrobe malfunction, but when you're wearing a python and iguana skin leotard with lace inserts and a cleavage-baring "V" by New York designer Rubin Singer, something is bound to go amiss.

Moving through the set list, Beyonce bumped and grinded her way through her early hit "Baby Boy," before a surprise visit from, wait for it... Destiny's Child band mates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

Beyonce with Destiny's Child members Kelly Rowland (L) and Michelle Williams (R). Credit: Getty Images
When we say surprise visit, it appeared as though the surprise was mostly on Kelly and Michelle as the force with which they were ejected through their sections of the stage appeared to throw the girls off balance when they tried to nail their fierce warrior landing poses.

The addition of the girls saw a quickly medley of "Bootylicious" (which Bey definitely was) and "Independent Women", before Queen Bey allowed them to join her for her song that spawned a thousand imitations, "Single Ladies". While both Kelly and Michelle had lines to sing and dance moves to make, they could barely be heard in the mix above Beyonce's vocals.

We can't forget to mention Beyonce's clever use of screens again. Throughout the whole performance, images were screened on the stage -- mostly of either multiple replica Beys or other dancers -- with which she would dance in sync. Which means nailing your timings for both dancing and singing.

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There were circle spirals of dancers (think Busby Berkley's amazingly choreographed geometric patterns using people), armies of Beyonces and checker-board Beys as well.

Beyonce wrapped her nearly 12 minute performance with her power ballad "Halo". It kinda looked like she needed the song to catch her breath, and after such a booty-shaking, thigh-slapping routine, not to mention belting out her vocals, we can completely understand.

Overall, this was an outstanding performance. Beyonce kicked 2012 halftime star Madonna's bony butt out of the Super Bowl Park with her show. Her dance moves were nailed in precise and powerful execution alongside her killer mixes and live vocals.

Can Queen Bey do wrong? Well, our only real bug bear for her performance comes from her OTT bumping and grinding. We get it, you got the moves Queen B, ain't nobody trying to steal your beat thumping crown. But a little decorum and a light sprinkling of the fiercely suggestive dance moves would have gone a long way in keeping your class act up.

Other than that, it was a stellar performance that managed to smash the hype surrounding it.

Queen B gets a 4.9 out of 5 from us.

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