SFW Version: Lady Gaga goes nude for art

Just when you think you've seen it all from Lady Gaga ... she is, literally, letting fans see it all!

Watch the uncensored video here

The superstar's latest eyebrow-raising antic is a video clip in which she appears completely nude. Yep, 100% without clothing.

Gaga being Gaga, however, this bit of non-work-safe clippage is, of course, performed with an artistic mission in mind. In this case, it's her alliance with Marina Abramovic, a pioneering performance artist whose work has made headlines since the 1970s.

Lady Gaga taking part in the Abramovic method. Credit: Vimeo
The video (an excerpt of which can be seen above, but is definitely NSFW) details Gaga's three-day retreat in upstate New York where she was instructed in the Abramovic Method by the master herself.

The method is described as "a series of exercises designed to heighten participants' awareness of their physical and mental experience in the present moment."Aside from being, well, naked -- and we do mean full frontal, here -- Gaga arouses interest and mystery by donning a horned mask, wading in a river, cuddling up with a giant crystal rock, and singing a sustained "A" throughout the 2-minute clip.

Abramovic's long career in performance art has included numerous works in which she pushes the limitations of physical pain and endurance.

Lady Gaga goes make up free for new music. Credit: GALLERY: Stars Go Make-Up Free
In 2010, she underwent an exercise titled "The Artist Is Present," in which she sat in the atrium of New York's Museum of Modern Art for 736 hours.

Gaga came to see this particular performance; and according to Abramovic, the singer's attendance greatly increased awareness of and the audience for performance art.

"The public who normally don’t go to the museum, who don’t give a s**t about performance art or don’t even know what it is, started coming because of Lady Gaga," she noted.

PHOTO: Gaga goes nude for V mag
Other stars who are a fan of Abramovic's work include rapper Jay Z, who invited the artist to dance at the shoot for his latest video, "Picasso Baby," which he is billing as a performance art piece.

Last month, Abramovic launched a Kickstarter campaign for her Marina Abramovic Institute, which aims to instruct in "the presentation and preservation of long durational work." More than $250k has been pledged to date.

Wendy Gellar writes for Yahoo! Music

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