Usher with ex-wife Tameka Foster.

The R'n'B singer reportedly made a sex tape several years ago with then-wife Tameka Foster, and it's currently being peddled around Hollywood.

TMZ has claimed they were sent a short video and two photos from someone offering to sell the tape. According to the site, the tape clearly shows Usher and Foster engaging in explicit acts.

The couple, who have two children together, sons aged two and three, split in June 2009.

Sources reportedly told TMZ that the video was potentially stolen from Usher in December 2009 after a car break-in, in which more than $1 million worth of jewellery, furs and computers were taken.

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Tameka has made it very clear she has no interest in sharing such a tape with the public.

In a statement released to, Foster said: "Yes, I have had sex with my [ex-]husband. Multiple times," she said. "Would I sanction a sex tape being out? Absolutely not. I am a mother and entrepreneur.

"Sex tapes or pornography would not be my lane. I have no desire to be seen in that way," she added.

Foster also took to Twitter in an attempt to play down the issue.
"Of course theres always. new foolishness with a new day," she Tweeted Monday morning. "Desperate times calls 4 desperate measures I suppose. Never fails Smh!"

She then expressed surprise about two hours later when people appeared intrigued by the report.

"NEWSFLASH!! BREAKING NEWS! GUESS WHAT??!! I have copulated w/my husband!" she tweeted. "Why is this news again?? #ConfusedTweet. End of discussion."

But that wasn't actually the end of the conversation.

"I cant stress over what I cant change," she responded to a fan, one of many more tweets. “Hey I was married, happily. So theres a chance that we might.... Its silly 'news' 2 me."

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