Katy Perry performing 'California Gurls' at Sydney Entertainment Centre last night.

Katy Perry's Sydney audience was treated to a sugary-sweet show last night at Sydney Entertainment Centre.

A little bit 'Wizard of Oz', and a little bit 'Willy Wonka', Perry brought her audience with her on an adventure through a world of fairy floss, sparkles and candy.

Katy performed most of the tracks from her two studio albums, starting with a stellar performance of 'Teenage Dream'. Katy arrived on her stage of candy canes, chocolate mountains, blow-up cupcakes and fairy floss clouds in no less than a red sequined corset, pink tutu and diamante-dotted tights.

"I'm Katy Perry. Hello!" The quirky star introduced herself with a wave, before releasing with an eye-roll that her crowd probably already knew who she was. The singer revealed more of her sweet personality as the night went on, admitting she "really understands" Tim-Tams, and groaning "I'm such a fail" when she confused koalas with kangaroos. She also chatted about her time at the Logie Awards, quoting a line from her favourite Australian TV show, 'Summer Heights High' ("Puck you Miss!"), to the delight of her audiences.

Talking to her crowd is something Katy clearly enjoys, and she regularly fished in her sea of fans for people to kiss, cuddle and dance with. David, a lucky 17-year old, was pulled onstage to show Katy – and the thousands of onlookers – his bare chest. Another happy fan received a kiss on the lips – "but no tongue" says Katy – when she correctly guessed which cover songs Katy performed in a special acoustic set.

It was in this intimate setting that Katy showed off her raw talent. Katy and two guitarists sat on stools and performed unique renditions of 'Only Girl in the World', 'Whip My Hair' and Rebecca Black's infamous 'Friday'.

There were costume changes galore – what else would you expect from Mrs. Russell Brand? – including a peacock-inspired leotard, a jazzy green sequined gown, a cat costume and a dress made entirely of cupcakes. One of the most entertaining songs of the night, 'Hot n Cold', saw Katy channeling her inner magician and changing outfits in mere seconds behind screens!

In true Katy style, Perry finished on a high with her number one hit 'Firework', complete with an indoor fireworks display. This wasn't the only production surprise of the night, with audiences also treated to a bubble show, confetti, a laser display during 'E.T.' and flying trapeze artists throughout the night.

Katy Perry truly spoiled her Sydney audience by showing off her chest, pins and stunning vocal ability, with every song performed live (an unfortunate rarity among pop artists these days).

The only downside came once Katy had finished her encore of 'California Gurls'. The sickly sweet smell that had wafted around the auditorium all night left one with a bit of a headache. But what else can one expect after being treated to a saccharine sugar overdose?

JESS' RATING: 10 out of 10. One of the most stunning and enjoyable concerts I've ever been to!

The remaining dates for Katy Perry's Australian 'California Dreams' tour include:

- Brisbane Entertainment Centre – May 5
- Sydney Entertainment Centre – May 14
- Brisbane Entertainment Centre – May 15

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