AC/DC s Live At River Plate
AC/DC's 'Live At River Plate'

AC/DC - Live at River Plate
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Never has the promise of eternal youth via rock n' roll been as fulfilled as with Australia's AC/DC, the genre's most loyal advocates. And never has this blatant bending of the laws of nature been as evident as with Live at River Plate, a DVD/ Blu-Ray release that finds the boys playing for over 200,000 euphoric fans during their three sold-out shows in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Shot entirely in HD with 32 cameras during AC/DC's 2009 Black Ice tour, 'Live at River Plate' stunningly captures arguably one of the band’s most amazing performances ever – and credit here goes as much to the band itself, as to the fans who never, not for one second, stop jumping, singing and cheering for their heroes. Actually, watching the fans react to each of the 19 songs on the set list is a spectacle in itself.

It would be easy to attribute just how insanely excited the crowd at River Plate gets to the fact that this was the band's first visit to Argentina in 13 years... But even though this audience is really a vision to behold, the reactions the band received in every other country in the world during this tour were not that much different – as seen by their Australian fans in 2010.

The truth is that AC/DC are now the sole flag-bearers of pure, high-octane, in-your-face rock n' roll – an honour that no other artist (not even the Rolling Stones or Chuck berry himself) would be able to claim any more. By sticking to their guns and delivering a non-stop supply of great tunes and riffs for over 35 years, the band has become an oasis in a dessert of overproduced and interchangeable artists.

AC/DC's music will remain indispensable until a time comes when sex and rock n' roll (played at full volume, of course) are no longer relevant. And by then, we might as well just join them wherever they are... You know what they say: "Hell ain’t a bad place to be."

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