Weird Al Yankovic in a meat dress
Weird Al Yankovic takes on Lady Gaga's infamous 'meat dress' in his parody video, 'Perform This Way.'

Weird Al Yankovic making fun of Lady Gaga's eccentric wardrobe is a classic example of the pot calling the kettle black.

But even the funnyman, who has never been shy about looking and acting strange, decided that maybe at the respectable age of 51, he isn't in the best shape for Gaga's revealing outfits.

In his latest parody video "Perform This Way," Weird Al instead opted to CGI his face onto a woman's body, making for an even freakier parody of Gaga's outlandish looks.

Wearing versions of Lady Gaga's more buzzed about looks, Yankovic and the unknown female body included the meat dress, caution tape outfit, flying nun habit and alien pod, along with some outfit predictions made of swiss cheese and live bees.

Weird Al probably did Gaga a favour by using a fit body double in the parody of "Born This Way." But still, part of me would've found Al's true self awkwardly squashed into the various dresses and bikinis absolutely hilarious (maybe the caution tape one would be a bit much).

The cut-and-paste face isn't much stranger than Jeff Bridges' CGI'd younger face on his body double for "Tron: Legacy," which is to say it's pretty darn weird. But hey, the guy has "Weird" in his name, he's got to live up to it.

Watch Weird Al Yankovic's 'Perform This Way'

The video overall doesn't say more than what the press and public at large have already said a lot louder and meaner.

It's a silly, light-hearted poke at Lady Gaga's unapologetic style and with just enough sass to make it a comedy hit.

One particularly funny moment is when Lady Yankovic shoves a Madonna look-a-like wearing the same outfit out of the shot just as he sings, "I'm so completely original / my new look is all the rage." Again, nothing we haven't heard before, but it's a good joke to see played out.

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Initially, the Lady Gaga camp refused to give Weird Al permission to include the track on his upcoming album, although he has no legal necessity to obtain consent from any of the artists he parodies. Yankovic even vowed to donate all proceeds from the single to the Human Rights Campaign, an organisation that supports lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender causes. Gaga has always advocated for LGBT rights and acceptance is an underlying message in "Born This Way."

But eventually they relented (apparently Gaga's manager didn't ask her before making the refusal) and sent their blessings for the song to be included on his upcoming album "Alpocalypse."

Gaga even recently agreed to let Weird Al include her 2008 hit "Poker Face" in a medley called, of course, "Polka Face."

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